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What I do know is that you have the personality of a turd. For those who have an in-depth knowledge of all this, the chart is of some use. Personally, I would feel very uncomfortable asking her to look for that stuff - it's probably been packed away or even discarded.

Originally Posted by ThePloughman. Forums New posts Search forums. If there are, I haven't seen them.

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Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Successive attempts making use of their predessors, building upon them, adding to the trove of information, and thankfully, making their efforts public without restrictions. The badge remains in the Oval Badge location, with the Oval Badge mounting holes, what is for the duration of production.

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There is nothing that connects the layout of a drumkit, e. And that holds for whether it is a bass, tom, floor tom, Dynasonic, or SuperTen. But as you stated, I dont know you from Adam. No drums that I have observed in the above mentioned serial range have a dampener, mexican women for dating with the Big R badge in the new location.

Ive considered how to respond to Coyotes post, and I am at a loss as to his whole attitude. Shell interiors are grey splatter painted. Im not sure, but I think this chart is for Holidays, Powertones, i do not hook up Luxors and Towers is a references for snares? Yours Truly John Ploughman.

Rogers difference between the big R and the script logos

Cleveland drums interiors are finished in a flat gray lead based paint as are also some of the earlier Dayton drums. So I know that close to the end, it is still present. Originally Posted by CoyoteG. There are real rogers experts out there.

Holiday, Tower, Mercury, Powertone, Dynasonic etc. Anyone got anything for me out there please. The shoulders still have that characteristic Rogers profile, however the top flange of the hoop gets much flatter. Not sure if that chart was fixed, though. Movement of the Badge from left or right of the mount to a degree position opposite the mount.

  • Time to piece this together as an addition to the must have The Rogers Book second ed.
  • In some shells were produced with clear interiors.
  • Pour gas on it and toss a match drums.
  • We are trying to determine an approximate year for the drum.
  • And, Spotlight was also the name of a layout which used Spotlight drums, confusing matters more.

The best way to do it is from some construction details. Cleveland and Dayton Lugs, The Beavertail of fame, are heavier with more weight and mass than the later Dayton, and Fullerton era lugs. More specific what do we need to add to it for it to be complete? If it doesnt have felts, I dont know.

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So tell us about your Rogers? They did have a unique numbering system during the entirety of their Oval Badge production run. And I do own a number of Rogers sets. Londoner, to a serial number. It looks like we're very close to having this wrapped up sometime later this year.

Rogers big r snare

There should make a separate one for toms. Initially, a few drums showed up with no dampener and it was like, Cool, custom order, no dampener. Post a couple of photos and aa couple of guys here can help you out. There was nothing in my post to warrant the response you made.

Rogers Drums

We see the introduction of a rivet top knob that is used exclusively for the remainder of production. There are no extant records for production numbers from year to year, neither for the period as a whole. It gives a fairly well detailed history of the company through the years, through its various owners, and covers the drums, hardware, and product lines. Some of these drums, built at the end of real production were actually very good. By itself, dating a guy under it proves that serials did not repeat.

This can be confusing to dating toms. Again, useful books, but not to be taken as Gospel as far as dating. Serial number sequences are undependable In fact, the opposite is true, the sequences are dependable for dating. Middle sixties saw Rogers as the most expensive american drums. Rogers used the same serial numbers over and over in the Big R period.

Rogers Drums, by Rob Cook. Home Forums Main Vintage Venue. In the first year of production nice. Good stuff in the works here and I'd like to add a to date finalized version that is as close as we are able at this point in time.

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Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial numbers

Big R, with the badge grommet at the juncture of the upright, R curve, and leg. We can only estimate, through observation of drums, how many Big R era drums were built. To make matters worse, in that same column there is Holiday mixed with Spotlite, for example. However, the more drums I observed, the more I was sure this no dampener shell was a unique early Big R period anomally. Thin shells, memrilock hardware.

ThePloughman Very well Known Member. Lovetheblues, you have a Big R label on your drum, correct? The memrilock hardware became the standard for the industry after with all drum companies rushing to produce massive hardware capable of withstanding constant punishment. Drum number sold on Ebay a couple years ago, and was a rusted out basket case.

  1. Both Big R eras produced good drums although the available finishes were limited.
  2. Lastly, asian firewood shells, crap hardware, imitation beavertail lugs, no serial numbers.
  3. Thank you for offering to collect any additional schtuff.
  4. If so, I wonder if his family still has his notes and if they do, if they would consider sharing them so that the results of his research could be preserved for the benefit of other Rogers lovers.

But to a beginner, it's very misleading. Good schtuff being gathered here see teaser pic. This is an area where more research is needed. They were printed on rolls of labels which were mixed up and used in different places at the plant. Rob issued a second edition of the Rogers Book where a lot of information was updated and added.

Rogers Drums

Anyone know how to date Rogers Drums
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Rogers Dyna-Sonic serial numbers. Same box of tags, used for a variety of drums sharing the same model name. Snares that share a model name with drums, Tower, Luxor etc, used the same tags and the timeline is continuous. All of those were Holiday drums until when the model name was changed to Powertone to match the snares and sound more modern. What had numbers were the individual drum models, i.

Steve Maxwell is a very respected builder, collector, and dealer of vintage and modern drums, by myself included. That was a number of years ago and I don't know if she still has the same address, etc. During the Big R period, drums were badged as they were built. What Are You Listening To?

Rogers serial numbers

Rogers Big R Era Dating Guide For Snares and Drums - Vintage Drum Forum

Anyone know how to date Rogers Drums

Gary - Sounds like a plan. Cleveland drums after beavertail lugs. Catalogs as late as confirm this. The typical Rogers Big R badge, in use from the end of production. Can someone help me out getting some info on it.

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